Worthy of note

Bike-packers seem to be modest self-effacing folk. So I’ll not get drawn into hyperbole, but there were many riders of note.

Vanessa apparently towed un-named male through Drummochter Pass in the drizzle. Her wheel-sucking chagrin only placated a number of days later on learning of the chest infection also being carried behind her that day.

Elizabeth dragged her husband John on an extra untested ‘track’ excursion up the mountain of Ben Wyvis. The only conquerors of the true cima coppi in the snow!

True Cima Coppi, John Goode
[True Cima Coppi, John Goode]
Roam Scotland Rally wouldn’t have happened without James Olsen and the alchemy of wilderness, hard riding and sociability he has conjured in the Torino-Nice Rally. I doff my tweedy cap to you James.

In the same understated mould, Jim Raddatz of the Gaick pass two. Maybe a career as a vet in Canada makes you tough – “there’s no point in wearing a watch in my line of work” he tells me, referring to the frequency with which his arm is deep in the rear end of a large animal. RSR was just a warm up for Jim. Next up at 68 years young he took on the 4,400km of the Tour Divide, and of course completed it no problem!

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