The Rally

The annual Rally happens in late May – the optimal Scottish weather window and usually before the dreaded midges get bad! Riders can bivvy, camp, hostel, stay in B&B’s, hotels, or whatever. We’ll aim for wee social gatherings along the way.

Each route has its own kind of landscape, so the nature of the Rally will change year to year. Some tougher or more remote, some more track, others more quiet roads. Each route with options and short-cuts along the way, made to ride your own way at your own pace.

The aim is to make routes suitable for a wide range of bikes and riders. The guiding principle is finding beautiful tracks and quiet small roads in wild places, ideal for ‘gravel’ or ‘all-road’ bikes, comfortable for a cross-country mountain bike and maybe even adventurous touring bike riders like these inspirational Rough Stuff Fellowship folk!.