I was a little nervous. Who was I to think I could make a decent bike-packing route, never mind subject other folk to my map meanderings? Thirty-four riders pitched up at Castello Coffee for last minute fuel before trundling out of Edinburgh along the Union canal tow path. The cheerfulness among the group eased my nerves, but I was still glad to get to the Forth Bridge with no reports of unscheduled dips in the canal.

Old companions were there too. I’d climbed Highland hills with Robin and explored Europe on bikes with Col. They escaped London with their virginal bike-packing kit, intrigued to dip their toes in this new scene. I remember two twenty year olds on a hill top overlooking Köln making excited vows to ride around the world. There’s still time Col! Great to be making new memories and galvanising our bonds

Round the world?, Robert Mundell
[Round the world?, Robert Mundell]

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